Sunday, July 20, 2008

Canyon Diablo

Here's the setting for the sequel to HELLFIRE CANYON. It's called Canyon Diablo, and it's a ghost town now, but in the 1880s it was considered by some to be the meanest town in the west. My editor and I visited the location on June 11, on our way to Scottsdale. Below is a shot of my Jeep, El Cabrito Loco, at the rim of the canyon, the ruins of a rock building nearby, and a photo showing the old Route 66 bridge crossing Canyon Diablo. The site is on the Navajo Reservation, and there are plans to turn the ghost town into a tourist attraction.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Postcard IV

This could be the cover shot for a book. A psychotic, psychedelic, angst-filled morality tale of fear and ambition in the Arizona desert. Or a book about yard sales.

Postcard III

An establishing shot. Below, my astute editor and traveling companion Ice G finds an anti-establishment message.

Postcard II

More from Two Guns. We were on our way to the Western Writers of American convention at Scottsdale. The maniac below is my editor, Ice G. We were, by this time, baked by the Arizona sun.

Postcard from the Edge

Long time no blog. Busy. Have lots of photos from the road trip through Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico in June to share. This photo was taken by my editor, Gary (also known as Ice G) at an abandoned KOA on the road leading to the ghost town of Canyon Diablo. I have no idea what the grafitti means, but it is visually interesting. There's a skull, the Spanish word for lord or master, and a chess piece, maybe a bishop.... The place is between Flagstaff and Winslow on I-40, at the Two Guns exit. It is literally an exit to nowhere. There's no town, no paved roads, nothing. Except art.